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When a widow with a grown daughter decides to further her education, she’s thrown into a world of unexpected possibilities. Pursued by a younger professor, and an egocentric doctor, she is torn by the striking opposites who disrupt her life. One seems too good to be true; the other is too closed to be understood. It seems easier to forget them both, but it isn’t that simple.

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Pretty as she is, Carolyn isn't looking for love when she enrolls in a college course. However, in the weeks that follow she finds herself being courted by two men who are determined to win her affections while having much more in mind than just their amorous feelings.

Diana Lee Johnson shines once again with this gripping romance. The story is both mysterious and intriguing, but the reader is guaranteed to have some fun along the way while becoming enthralled with the captivating, glamorous and adventurous Carolyn. Hello, I’m Carolyn Nobody is first-rate and unforgettable.

—Tina Dean, Assoc. Editor,

Virginia Writing

Carolyn Sue Tarlton is getting a new start in life. With her only daughter away at college, Carolyn, widowed for two years, finds she can once again live life and find love. Working at the hospital in admitting both days and one evening in ER opens her to Dr. Jackson, a doctor with a secret from his days in Vietnam. While taking a course at the local university, she also finds Michael, a professor with an equally mysterious secret. Suddenly she goes from being totally alone to having two men vie for her. Will she find love? With which of these two men will her destiny lie?

Hello, I'm Carolyn Nobody is for anyone who loves a good romance, anyone with the "empty nest syndrome", or anyone who is stepping back into the dating scene after being divorced or widowed. Ms. Johnson's characters are strong and true to life; the story line is totally believable and quick paced. If you are shy or have low self-esteem, read how Carolyn overcame what she felt were her inadequacies to find true independence. Above all, read how Carolyn Nobody became Somebody.

Alice Klein

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Meet Diana Lee Johnson

Diana Lee Johnson is a native of Northern Virginia. By day she’s the Purchasing Agent for a municipal government. By night (and weekends) she’s a writer.

Stories flow through her mind like movies projecting in her head, waiting for her to find time to write them down. Diana must switch them off so she can work at her day job. “I weave a little of myself into everything I write. My characters take on their own personalities and I wait, like the reader, to hear what they say next.”

Writing poetry since the age of 6, Diana dabbled in short stories at 13, but took prose more seriously as an outlet after she turned 30. She enjoys writing fiction in several genres hoping to entertain a variety of readers with drama, suspense, humor, and romance. Her characters could be someone you know or someone so outrageous you can only imagine meeting them.

She would love to hear from you. Please visit her website: , or write her at P. O. Box 3003, Falls Church, VA 22043.

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