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Worlds literally collide on a North Carolina beach. Erik Connelly is inexplicably drawn to the witty charms of chubby Jennifer Thomas after her injury, despite his spoiled sister’s interference. Pain hidden by earthy humor, Jenny succumbs to Erik until reality crashes in. Will Erik find her before it’s too late? Will Jenny earn the money needed to assure her survival? Will Erik’s vindictive sister cause more trouble? What will be Jenny’s “Just Deserts?”

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Just Deserts is a sweet read. Warm and witty characters, a fabulous story, and a dollop of humor makes this recipe another winner for Diana Lee Johnson. Make room on your keeper shelf for Just Deserts.

—Judith Rippelmeyer

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Meet Diana Lee Johnson

Diana Lee Johnson is a native of Northern Virginia. By day she’s the Purchasing Agent for a municipal government. By night (and weekends) she’s a writer. “I weave a little of myself into everything I write. It’s like having children, but with a little more control, and a lot less pain.”

Just as her tastes in reading vary, Diana enjoys writing fiction in several genres hoping to entertain a variety of readers with drama, suspense, humor, and romance. Her characters could be someone you know or someone so outrageous that you can’t wait to see what they’ll do next.

Stories flow through her mind like movies projecting in her head, waiting for her to find time to write them down. Luckily, she has a mental switch somewhere that turns them off allowing her to work at her job.

She would love to hear from you. Please visit her website:

or write her at P. O. Box 3003, Falls Church, VA 22043.


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