Tomorrow Came Early
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The War Between the States changed a young Southern gentleman’s life forever. He lost his love, he gave up his home, and he changed his name. Though his family searched for him with little success, the unknown family past of Andrew Hamilton caught up with Hamilton Anderson just when he’d started to live and love again. Can family secrets rip wounds in the sons as they did in the fathers? Can a second generation make peace with the twisted sins of the first, or did the sins of the father perpetuate and even escalate in the son? If the Hamiltons thought it was already Too Late for Tomorrow, what would they do if Tomorrow Came Early?

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“Tomorrow Came Early, the much-anticipated sequel to Too Late for Tomorrow, is a fabulous read! The saga of the spirited Hamiltons continues in this moving and powerfully written historical novel set at the end of the Civil War. The love, devotion, and courage of this dynamic family, especially young Andrew Hamilton, will touch your heart and soul as you read this compelling story; family secrets and intrigue will keep you on the edge of your seat. Prepare to be carried away on the wings of this highly recommended book!”

—Tina Dean, Associate Editor

Virginia Writing

More a mainstream historical rather than a historical romance, TOMORROW CAME EARLY nevertheless, contains a tightly woven plot, vivid descriptions and some rather colorful characters, which makes it a must read for Civil War and Reconstruction fans. I can highly recommend it.

—Judith Rippelmeyer


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Meet Diana Lee Johnson

Diana Lee Johnson’s 35+ years of professional public purchasing service in her beloved Virginia keep the echoes of the past at her doorstep. She’s proud of her home state, and proud of her seventeenth century American roots. Diana indulges her passions for history and story-weaving by escaping into her writing in the hopes of entertaining others.

She feels that “without the past, we have no way to enjoy the present, or anticipate the future.” Diana hopes the past can live again for her readers, allowing them to linger and see it through her eyes. “If I succeed in giving the reader a glimpse into history, I am fulfilled. And if I can interest someone in history, I am ecstatic.” The main characters in Tomorrow Came Early won her heart in Too Late for Tomorrow, but can live for you whether you’ve read the original novel or not. She would love to hear from you.

Please visit her website: or write her at P. O. Box 3003, Falls Church, VA 22043.




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