A Soul Forsaken
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(EPIC Award Winner– Finalist, 2016)

A true tale of how an Egyptian born son can be educated to achieve honours in his chosen university studies, yet denied the right to turn them into a career.

Every Egyptian child adopts at birth, its father’s nationality, so many find themselves a foreigner in his land of birth. Another law denies foreigners in Egypt, the right to work. With neighbouring Sudan in an ongoing civil war, this young man risks assassination if even visiting his father’s country, let alone wanting to reside and work.

What can he do when even visa’s are denied Sudan’s citizens to any western country, simply fearing being ‘smothered’ by countless Sudanese wanting to flee the mayhem?
In this case, a visiting westerner takes up the challenge of finding a way around this poor fellow’s political dilemma.


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Five Stars !

I highly recommend reading A Soul Forsaken, which is a very sensitive and touching story. Kev Richardson, multi-published Historical writer brings us a tale of a young man considered a foreigner in his own birth country, without privileges or freedoms, that the average person would consider his birth right. I was emotionally drawn into the injustice of Ali el Hag’s situation. You too will fall in love with Ali’s struggle and determination to find a country willing to grant him the right to live a productive life.

JoEllen Conger

Conger Book Reviews USA

In A Soul Forsaken, Kev Richardson exposes yet another unique twist in his long list of personal experiences when travelling.

At a History Seminar at the Cairo Museum, a chance meeting with a local father and son, his hero is exposed to an intriguing anomaly in humanitarian law. An Egyptian born son can be educated to achieve honours in his chosen university studies, yet denied the right to make it a career.

This true tale is of a young man who by Egyptian law, must take his father’s nationality, making him a foreigner in his land of birth. Another law denies foreigners in Egypt, the right to work. Because his father’s country is in an ongoing civil war, the young man risks assassination if even visiting there, let alone wanting to reside and work.

A visiting foreigner of a western country takes up the challenge of finding a way around the poor fellow’s political dilemma.

Richardson, in yet another work of fine character studies, excels himself in untangling such a humane tangle.

Libby Abbot,

Aussie eBook Reviews




Meet Kev Richardson

Following a career in business management at international level, Kev attained a degree in journalism to then sweat as far up the River Nile as one can get, canoe down the Amazon, flash countless rolls of film from atop the Eiffel Tower, the heights above Yosemite, the Victoria Falls et al, scream “Ole” at a Chihuahua bullfight, ride elephant trails in Thai jungles, wallow in the incredible history of Rapa Nui’s Maoi, and as convention almost demands, was mugged in Bogota. His articles on travel to exotic lands have featured in travel and airline magazines around the world.

Meanwhile, being a sixth generation descendant of Australia’s First Fleeters with an obsessive interest in Australia’s founding history, he was concerned over the generations of suppression in the education of Australians, on clouding the truth in what really happened. Years of fact-finding with the help of other dedicated researchers revealed all and Kev vowed to set the history books aright by bringing the brutal truths of convictism to light. He is well qualified to do so for as a student of First Fleet history he has presented his subject on many occasions in press, radio and television interviews. He is a Past President of ‘The First Fleet Fellowship’ and a Past Secretary of ‘The Descendants of Convicts Inc.’. During Australia’s 1988 Bicentenary he officiated in Founding celebrations in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart and Norfolk Island and for his work during that Bicentenary, was created Honorary Life Member of The Regiment of Redcoat Descendants’.

Kev now devotes his life to writing on not only his country’s convict history, but general fiction with an Australian flavour. He recognises the growing trend towards digital reading so follows the world’s top authors in publishing his works both as traditional paperbacks and eBooks.

His Gurrewa and Brogan series released by Wings ePress are followed by Letitia Munro in October 2008, To Plough Van Diemen’s Land in June 2009 and The Terrible Truths in December 2009, the last three being more works on his country’s convict beginnings. Short synopses of all can be read on www.kev-richardson.com. And more works are in the pipeline.

These days Kev travels less, having retired from his Gold Coast home, left his grown family and friends to write from experiences and adventures during his exciting travels, happily ensconced in the foothills of the Golden Triangle in amazing Thailand’s exotic north.


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