A Trivial Pursuit
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Jeremy Blake is committed to non-committed relationships. Lauren Chambers will settle for nothing less than the whole thing: bells and whistles, romance and marriage vows. Jeremy’s young son, Michael, and Lauren share an addiction to the St. Louis Cardinals baseball club and delight in stumping each other with trivia questions about the team. The two of them know that she and Jeremy belong together, but are despairing of how to convince Jeremy of that. However, a sticky issue arises when Lauren begins to question Jeremy’s business ethics. Is he truly about to commit fraud? Lauren knows that falling in love with Jeremy could only lead to heartbreak--they don’t seem to share the same values--yet she is powerless to stop the headlong rush of her heart.


What They Are Saying About A Trivial Pursuit

Award winning author, Marilyn Gardiner, has done it again. “Trivial Pursuit” is a hard book to put down. If you like a good romance without any embarrassing love scenes, you’ll love this one. Marilyn’s use of descriptive terms transports the reader’s mind to the places described so effectively you feel as though you are standing there with the characters. That, coupled with her skillful use of suspense, makes you want to read straight through to the end. This book is more than just a simple romance, it is an inspiring work about the strong and profound effect love can have on the most hardened of hearts. Well done, Marilyn.

—Robert James Allison,

Matters Of Faith

A story of faith, love, and two people with the same needs, but very different points of view. A captivating story with true-life characters that will leave you with a smile on your face, and warmth in your heart.

—Angela Verdenius

Heart of a Traitor

Marilyn Gardiner has done it again. Suspense, romance and characters who seem to reach out and thrust you into this intriguing tale. Don't schedule any meals when you pick up A Trivial Pursuit. You'll miss them, for sure. You'll find yourself trying to read more slowly as you near the last word, so that it won't end. Here's hoping a sequel is in the works.

—J.D. Webb


Shepherd's Pie (Nov 2006)

Moon Over Chicago (Mar 2007)

By the end of their story, I truly cared about the characters in “A Trivial Pursuit.” The minor players did not overshadow the romance, rather adding a rich dimension of family life to the hero and heroine’s backgrounds, thus enabling greater understanding of the characters’ motives, strengths, and frailties. The author strikes a very good balance of the spiritual and physical attraction between a man and woman. I highly recommend this inspirational romance, not just for its engaging cast of characters and skillful portrayal of corporate America, but also for the joy of reading a good love story.

—Judy Boettcher

The Loffington Twins, Private Investigators Series

Book One, Awake, My Love, 2005

Book Two, Sweeter Than Honey, 2007




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