And The Truth Will Set You Free
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At fifty-two, Kate Reynolds believed that she had her life in order—a career, her own home, treasured friends, and financial stability. When she is asked to take an early retirement, the bottom falls out of her perfect world and Kate plummets through the hole.

Kate leaves her home in Pittsburgh and moves to a small town in Connecticut to pursue a long-dormant dream, where she soon finds herself faced with questions about her life and her choices. As she faces her own truths, she finds the freedom to accept the second chance that life has offered her.


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One line in And The Truth Will Set You Free, defines the theme: life presents us with opportunities for change. Kate Reynold’s life, as she knew it, comes to a grinding halt with the loss of her job. Bewildered at being forced into a change at her mid-stage in life, she feels groundless and decides to move to a small town in Connecticut. Here she finds new friends and the courage to accept the challenge of a long-ago dream.

Ms. Rettstatt’s descriptive writing carries the reader through Kate’s despair to her discovery that new beginnings can present their own rewards. The appearance of a kind-hearted man, with issues of his own, lends even greater substance to a story that will warm your heart. I take pleasure in recommending this novel and others by this author that I’m sure will follow.

—Carol McPhee

Romance novelist with


And The Truth Will Set You Free is a tale about transformation. Kate’s orderly life fulfilled everyone’s expectations, even her own. When her job evaporates due to budget cuts, she rethinks her life and gives in to her dreams. She uproots herself, moves away from her safe choices and discovers talents and hopes she had never explored. Linda Rettstatt has created characters the reader will wish lived next door. For anyone who ever dreamed of taking a chance.

—P. Sibley, Writer

This is the most moving story it has been my pleasure to read in a very long time. It made me rethink my own life. A courageous woman loses her job and finds her life must take a new direction. Kate is an organized type of woman, one who plots and plans every move and when fate steps in, she finally allows herself to follow her life long dream of being a writer. The characters are engaging without being cliché, as each new person enters her life you find you want to meet them too. There is real life in this book, and one that should not be taken lightly. Kate learns little by little to trust her own instincts with the help of her golden dog Maggie. When she is confused about the path her life has taken, she steps back and learns to trust not only herself but those around her.

The book made me laugh and made me cry. I read to the end all too fast, because I would love to read more of this uplifting tale. I shall look for Linda Rettstatt on the shelves of bookstores everywhere. On an uplifting scale of one to ten, this is a twelve.

—A. Dee Carey

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