Before The Star Fades
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It seemed the ocean had always been part of his life…in St. Yves, France, in Southampton, New York, and here in California, north of Morro Bay.

He loved the colors of the sunset. He mused. How do I see, people wonder, and how do I explain? On some days I see fairly clearly and on those days, I take out Jean-Marie’s picture and Jennifer’s. I study them and I study Johanna and the children and sometimes Johanna asks,” Jef, why are you looking at me like that?” And the children will say, “Daddy, you’re staring,” and I look away. They don’t realize how precious sight is, even sight like mine.”

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What They Are Saying About Before The Star Fades

 Author, Jeannie D. Van Eperen’s continuing account about the orphan children of St. Yves, in France, has a way of convincing you—whether or not you want to believe in consecutive lives or past-life memories—that reincarnation is real.

This book is so compelling she’ll make you wonder, “Who was I in my past lives? Could the people I love in this life-time actually be individuals I have loved during a past life?” Sometimes it sure feels that way. 5 Cups

—JoEllen Conger

Cinderella And The Stripper

Before the Star Fades is the continuing story of Jeffrey Laurance's colorful and tumultuous life and it grabbed me from the beginning, never letting me go... not even when the story was done. It's a story of life, love and most importantly... living.”

—Gail R. Delaney


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Meet Jeannine Van Eperen

Jeannine Van Eperen’s background is eclectic. Her first love was ballet and she studied with Comicoff in Chicago. She has modeled and appeared in Little Theatre in Chicago and Albuquerque. Ms Van Eperen has written most of her life and was the Publicity Director for the College of St. Joseph on the Rio Grande. She attended Alvernia High and graduated from Foreman High School in Chicago. She attended the University of New Mexico, the University of Albuquerque  and Western States University College of Law in Anaheim, California, and worked in the banking and insurance industries and motel management.

Jeannine is a private pilot. Her favorite activities besides writing are reading, travel, history and needlework. She and her husband, Lou, have traveled to all fifty states and about twenty countries, her favorites being England and New Zealand. She has a son, Daniel McGrew, a stepson, Ray, and grandchildren.


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