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Ben has secrets he's been keeping from Bess since the day they met. Stubborn and interfering, she wasn't his kind of woman back in Virginia. But here in Texas, things are different. She's sharp as lightning. He's grumbling like thunder. Together, they make one hell of a storm! With a title like BOUND, Roberta Olsen Major wants to be sure she has your attention! But don't let the cover fool you; Bess is the one in the corset, not the shackles!

Texas, 1852. BESS MURPHY, an outspoken, bigger-than-life actress with a traveling theater troupe, just can't say no to anyone in trouble, even if it means heaping more of the same on her own plate. BEN ELLIOTT has the law after him, and Bess is determined to rescue him … whether he wants her to or not!


What They Are Saying About Bound

“A thoroughly entertaining romance with an unflagging social conscience.”

Romantic Times, July 2001

**** four stars

“I just finished Roberta Olsen Major’s BOUND and am mourning the book's end: I wanted the story to go on and on. The characters are so completely well-drawn, the story engaging, the setting and history is flawless.

“I'm not normally a fan of historical romance, but this is one that doesn't drone on and on with the author's proud display of research. Enough to make it real, but without the truckload of dry, historical facts that slog a story down. Bess Murphy and Ben Elliott are a hoot, and their reluctance to fall in love with each other is smooth and natural—no forced “relationship” scenes here. Flawed but charming, the couple engages the reader from the start.”

—Anne Carter, author of



“…I really, really enjoyed BOUND. It was like Louis L’Amour, only with a woman.”

—a male reader from Texas

“…you know how I know that I have really liked a book? When I am done, I feel a twinge of regret that my time with these characters is over. And that's how I felt when I closed [BOUND].”

—an East Coast reader

“It was a really good story, with so many twists and turns, and such a wonderful command of language ...”

—a reader from Maryland

“Historical novels are my favorites and [the author has] combined this with adventure, romance, a big social message and very interesting characters.”

—a reader from Vermont

“[BOUND] is a great book—and wait until you read both TIES and PIECRUST PROMISES. More of those same folks! They're every bit as well crafted and entertaining.”

—an advance reader from Iowa



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