Brogan's Bust (Brogan Series Book 2)
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Brogan flies a courier service between remote jungle outposts of the Amazon where ruthless crime bosses bludgeon their ways to wealth in land rackets, prostitution, extortion, illegal gem trading, drugs, gun-running and smuggling. He plots to do no more than upset the smooth running of the graft that plagues his world, yet back-stabbing by cartel middle men goaded by greed converts the hiccup into a stumble that generates into a fall to begin a slide that snowballs into an avalanche.

Into the hot-pot of dropouts from civilization that Amazonia attracts, stir in schemers and grafters, a novice priest on his founding assignment, the erstwhile upholders of law and order, ethnic Indians who resent the intruders and those who somehow continue to hold a moral faith in an environment that exists largely on moral faithlessness; you soon have simmering a rich ragout of intrigue, murder, subterfuge, romance and adventure.


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Brogan’s Bust by Kev Richardson is a well crafted, high testosterone, tale of corrupt international trafficking in gems, guns and drugs. In fact, I couldn’t help but wonder how this author knew so much detailed information about the strong-armed men of South America? It all sounds so realistic, as though he’s been there, done that… and survived.

—JoEllen Conger

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