Challenge a Scarecrow (The Foxglove Corners Series Book 29)

By Dorothy Bodoin

Scarecrows that guard a dangerous secret and a woman who believes she has brought her dog back to life add up to a frightening and deadly month for Jennet Ferguson.


What They Are Saying About Challenge a Scarecrow

Challenge A Scarecrow by Dorothy Bodoin is a great addition to the Foxglove Corners series.

Are you one of those people who's afraid of clowns? Well, get ready for scarecrows. They can be frightening, too, and deadly.

Our heroine, Jennet Ferguson, attends an annual Apple Fair where she purchases a miniature Victorian house to give to the town's librarian, Miss Eidt. The reception of the gift is a surprise and leads to plenty of suspense and eventually to a dozen eerie scarecrows standing behind the real-life version of the little house.

In the meantime, Jennet meets a woman who believes she's brought her deceased dog back to life. Is the woman crazy or is she onto something?

This is a unique story that I highly recommend. If you're looking for something different to read, look no more.  This one will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Five Stars.

Marja McGraw,

author of the Sandi Webster mysteries


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