By Diana Lee Johnson

With the Civil War drawing to an inevitable close, wounded Matthew Keene falls into the capable hands of Brenna McKeon. Following her father’s example, Brenna cares for him as she has troops from both armies throughout the war. Torrey McKeon battles unknown enemies to hold on to the family land, while he and Brenna share a deep secret.

Brenna holds the Union Army responsible for her father’s untimely demise. All her resolve to become a doctor cannot keep her from falling in love as Matthew heals. He discovers her secret. Though he helps rescue her twin brother, when Brenna discovers Matthew’s hidden agenda, she cannot forgive him.

What They Are Saying About Wrong Side Of Love

“Marvelous characters, impeccable research, and wonderful writing combine to provide readers with another fabulous read from the pen of Diana Lee Johnson. THE WRONG SIDE OF LOVE sends readers into the last days of the Civil War, into the heart of Virginia, as well as into the lives of Matthew and Brenna, two people touched by the horrors of war and wanting desperately for it to end. Brenna dreams of being a doctor, only the war keeps her from attending the women's medical school in the North. Matthew's family is torn asunder by the war, one brother fighting with the North the other with the South. He honors a promise to his dying mother, only to the point where he must abandon it in order to find his captured brother.

Dramatically written, this poignant tale will touch your heart. Diana Lee Johnson has penned another winner. I can't wait to read her next book.”

Judith Rippelmeyer, Editor in Chief

The Word On Romance

“Wrong Side of Love is a remarkable story with a clever twist that will surprise and amaze the reader. It is a meticulously compiled and authentic historical novel that takes place during the Civil War era and has an enduring theme of family love and devotion. Wrong Side of Love has the strength to keep the reader anchored and reluctant to put it down until the very last word has been read.”

Tina Dean Associate Editor,

Virginia Writing

Fans comment on Diana Lee Johnsons books:

“ engaging style of writing.”

“I felt like I was part of the novel.”

“Keep the stories coming.”

“You have a real gift.”

“...your writing...reminded me of Eugenia Price.”

“The characters really seemed to come alive for me. You'll have one loyal customer for your next book.”

“...wonderful words and delightfully human characters...”

“... it was outstanding!!!!”

“a wonderful writer.”