By Eden Robins

Alejandro Martinez Garcia may be a two hundred year old ghost, but he’s nobody’s fool. When Christine Hart comes to stay at the inn where he has been imprisoned since his death, he immediately recognizes her as Christina Hoskins, the woman he once loved and was betrayed by so long ago.

Christine and Alejandro struggle to unravel the mystery of a missing deed, but neither counts on the promise they made to each other a lifetime ago, nor the evil force determined to keep them apart.

What They Are Saying About Yesterday’s Promise

“YESTERDAY’S PROMISE is an inventive time travel romance complete with interesting characters, unexpected twists and a happy ending that couldn’t be anticipated.”

—Connie Flynn,

best selling author of The Dragon Hour

“This was definitely an on-the-edge-of-your-seat read. Throw in a couple of unscrupulous characters and you have one tempting read.”

—Fran Swann-Mancilla.


The action in YESTERDAY'S PROMISE takes off immediately and doesn't stop. Using dreams as flashbacks, the author provides two stories in one. Not only is this a ghost and reincarnation tale, it also disburses history in a painless, fascinating way. ...Fantasy-fans of this type of story should surely give it a look-see.

—Susan Mobley

Romantic Times Bookclub

“Readers will find in Yesterday’s Promise a love story that contains the most fervent desire of many women. It has the alluring dream that a woman will find a worthy man, whom she alone inspires so deeply that he will never be able to forget her. Furthermore, his love for her is so strong that, despite any and all circumstances, it will endure throughout all time. Coupled with that yearning is the strongly romantic idea that soul mates will find each other again and again. It is these two aspects of the story that stroked the romantic in me.”

—Sandra Brill