Comanche Moon
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Spring has come early along the Oregon Trail. Jenny Nation, her husband and five-year-old daughter are only three weeks into the trip by wagon train when Daniel is killed. Frozen in grief and fear, Jenny must make up her mind whether to press on with the train or turn around and go back to Independence. She chooses to go on, knowing she’ll have to drive the wagon alone, care for the oxen, hunt for food, and possibly fight Indians. Through stultifying heat, terrifying storms, walking beside the oxen, a buffalo stampede, and the kidnapping of her daughter by the Comanches, Jenny refuses to give up. “Every step brings me closer to Oregon,” she tells herself, over and over again. Jenny somehow finds romance with the train’s guide, Zane Thatcher. To keep Jenny—a lone woman—from being thrown off the train as a burden, Zane agrees to be responsible for her. However, it isn’t easy because Jenny insists on being independent and they argue at every juncture. In spite of it all, she faces the challenges of the trail with growing confidence, courage, and humor. “Every step…Oregon. Every step….”


What They Are Saying About Comanche Moon

“Courage was the cold stubborn place in your heart that kept you going when you couldn’t do anything else.” Comanche Moon is a powerful historical romance about courage. The reader walks step-by-step with the young widow, Jenny, as she tries to protect her daughter, Sophie, from the daily challenges along the Oregon Trail. Gardiner’s realistic characters and beautiful descriptions of the West will keep you mesmerized. Comanche Moon is a must-read and a treasure.

—Sue Stewart Ade, author

Friends Forever

Pumpkin Blossoms, in Food and Romance Go Together, Vol 1 

2017 Nancy Pearl Finalist

 Readers of historical romance will love this book as the plucky heroine fights to stay with the wagon train on the Oregon Trail after her husband’s unexpected death. The characters are engaging and the action constant. As a bonus for those of us who are a little picky, the author made sure the plot was historically accurate. I highly recommend Comanche Moon.

—Angela Parson Myers, author

When the Moon is Risen

Book 1 When The Moon Is Gibbous and Waxing

Book 2 In The Dark Of The Moon

 Jenny and Daniel had taken a bold step—a hoped for Promised Land. They piled everything they owned into a wagon and headed West with their five-year-old daughter, Sophie.  Not far into their journey Daniel was killed. Jenny buried him on the open prairie and felt that her future dreams were buried as well. We follow Jenny and Sophie as they fought Indians, heat and dust, miles of hardship. Sophie was kidnapped by Indians, and a group of fellow settlers who believed Jenny to be a burden to the wagon train. Her courage, grit, and intelligence endeared her to the guide of the train, and Jenny discovered that love came in many colors and would not be denied. Set aside plenty of time for reading because you won’t want to stop turning the pages.

—James D. Webb, author

Shepherds Pie, Golden Wings Award

Moon Over Chicago, 2008 Eppie Finalist

My Name Is Mommy, 2009 Top Twenty Mystery Preditors & Editors 

One On One, 2018 EPIC winner

Death Smell, 2018 EPIC finalist



Meet Marilyn Gardiner

 Marilyn Gardiner is the author of eleven novels, most romantic suspense. Comanche Moon won the award for Historical Romance in the EPIC 2014 competition.

She began writing at age eight, and has published in newspapers and magazines, taught a creative writing class, tutored adults learning to read, and volunteered in the public school system.


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