Darkness Beyond the Light
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Retirement wasn't supposed to be complicated for John Ross after a long career as a journalist. But when he and his wife Sally discover that their self-centered son Brody has been leading a double life, they must navigate uncharted territory during the Christmas season to lead him out of the darkness of drugs including heroin.

A surprise visit from Sally's caustic mother, Geraldine, complicates matters by sticking her nose into family matters while their dutiful daughter, Chloe, brings her own peculiar problems to a not-so-merry holiday reunion. Some quirky neighbors, a few health issues, and unexpected events add to a memorable time of the year for John and Sally hope to survive.


What they are saying about Darkness Beyond the Light

A captivating combination of family love, will & adventure.
Filled with intriguing insight into the world of an addict and those around him, author Michael Embry builds excitement in this riveting followup to the novel 'Old Ways and New Days' with brilliant narration and believable characters through adventure pulsing with energy and tension.
Geared up to embrace peaceful retirement after hectic years of work at newspaper- John with wife Sally Ross is looking for a cherishing family get together on the coming Christmas holiday until his son Brody's call, asking for money to pay off bills comes tumbling through the way of his old parents, changing their lives drastically. Addiction to drugs and buried deep in debts to drug dealers- Brody has loads of unpleasant surprises in store for his father, John.
Loaded with clever and engaging dialog and well plotted scenario, author Michael Embry delivers a wild ride of unexpected-hard to foresee twists as the read 'Darkness Beyond the Light' out shines on family problems, masterfully drawing out the suspense by revealing the underlying tensions faced by each family member.
Thoroughly entertaining, this 5-star read is a captivating combination of family love, will and adventure through the ups and downs of life that is sure to grip readers and hook them until the last page has been turned. -- Enas Reviews


Meet Michael Embry

Michael Embry is the author of 13 books including nine novels, three nonfiction sports books, and a short-story collection. He spent more than 30 years in the news media, working as a reporter, sports writer, and editor for two newspapers, a national news service, and a regional magazine as well as a book editor. A U.S. Air Force veteran, he is listed in Who’s Who in America.

Embry lives in Frankfort, Ky., with his wife, Mary, and two rescue dogs, Bailey and Belle. Among his interests are travel, hiking, writing, reading, music, photography, and family activities, especially those involving his four granddaughters—Lily, Lola, Ellie Cate, and Olivia.










For book signings, book clubs, interviews, speaking engagements, media inquiries, and other book-related activities, contact Michael at michael.embry@gmail.com or www.michaelembry.com/contact.html.



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