Deathly Deceit: A Theo Stern Novel
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When two entirely separate cases suddenly show strange signs of being linked, Theo Stern is drawn into a web of treacherous deceit that has already taken the lives of two men and threatens Stern with the very same fate.


What They Are Saying About Deathly Deceit

Theo Stern, the principal character, is an ex -detective inspector of the London Metropolitan Police. When he returns from Australia after an abortive attempt to rescue his marriage, Stern has no intention of restarting his private detective agency. He closed it when he left; at 63 years of age, it was time to retire.

His former PA, Cherry Hooker, has other ideas. Although Stern has been away for months, Cherry has paid the rent on his office. When he returns, she encourages him to carry on where he left off.

Against his better judgement, Stern restarts his agency and takes on three cases: one via David O’Connor, a senior police officer who engages Stern to help him with a case.

Stern becomes involved with drug and people trafficking, a double murder and arson. During his investigations he’s attacked and is seriously injured by a female Polish wrestler, but despite his injuries, manages to crack the cases wide open.

Deathly Deceipt is the sort of book you have to keep on reading. You certainly don’t hit the pain barrier at page 3.

Five stars *****

—Andrew R Williams

Author of Arcadia’s Children: Samantha’s Revenge



Meet A. W. Lambert

A.W. Lambert was born and raised in Battersea, south London, England. After completing his National Military Service, during which time he was engaged in active service in the EOKA terrorist conflict on the island of Cyprus, he embarked on an engineering career in the British aircraft industry where he also became a qualified pilot. In 1992 he retired from industry to follow his two main passions: the playing of his favourite music, traditional New Orleans Jazz and Creative Writing. After studying with The Writer’s Bureau, he developed extensive experience achieving success in magazine article and short story writing before moving into the field of full length Action/ Adventure. A Treacherous Past, his first published novel, introduced retired London Metropolitan Police Inspector, now private investigator, Theo Stern for the first time. Since then follow up novels have seen Stern and AW’s other absorbing characters, involved in increasingly intriguing and dangerous scenarios.

After raising two sons; one now living in Boston, USA, the other in Melbourne, Australia, A.W. lives with his wife, Valerie, in a tiny hamlet on the North Norfolk coast of England.



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