Deceptive Assassin
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When one of their own becomes the prime suspect in the assassination of Russian diplomats, residents of a small southern town join wits with experts to identify the real culprit. The CIA believes Brendon Harrington is innocent. The Russians are convinced he’s guilty, and time is running out. Tick. Tick. Tick.


What They Are Saying About Deceptive Assassin

 Deceptive Assassin is one of those books you like immediately after reading the first paragraph.

Who or what organization is behind a spate of Russian diplomats being gunned down in Europe and why is the small town of Adrian’s Landing, Louisiana affected? With skillful writing, Ms. Rochester leads her reader through a maze of today’s headlines to a satisfying conclusion.

Felicia Thornberry receives a commission from Jeffery Harrington, patriarch of the Harrington family, to landscape Belle Femme, the decaying nineteenth-century Harrington Estate. With superb description and attention to detail, the author takes the reader on a tour of the expansive grounds, at one time the community’s shining jewel, but is now, after two decades of neglect, in the clutches of excessive overgrowth, rotting oaks, and acreage filled with snakes and small arachnids.

Deftly woven into a tapestry of revitalization and dead-on character descriptions, lies, deceit, and malicious schemes surface. Soon Adrian’s Landing is in the grip of nefarious plots. The FBI arrives in the form of an ex-Navy Seal, and working with the local detective, tightens a noose around one person’s neck.

The reader is propelled to continue to the end of the novel, and after finishing this well-constructed work, he or she is not disappointed.

Pour a glass of amaretto, turn off the phone, snuggle into a comfortable chair and lose yourself in an entertaining mystery with undertones of today's realities.

P.S. You will qualify for a degree in horticulture by the time you reach the last page.

—N. S. Patrick

Author of The Mysteries of Jack the Ripper


The Murder of Wednesday’s Children.

—Soon to be published Fool’s Parsley.

Sylvia Rochester has done it again! Her latest page turner delivers lots of international intrigue, coupled with mystery and romance in a Louisiana setting. There’s even a mystery within a mystery involving an old mansion once thought to be haunted. Prepare to be surprised. Deceptive Assassin is a must read!

—A.C. Mason

Author of Mardi Gras Gris Gris,

Deadly Bayou, and The Mistletoe Murders



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