Downpour: An Acey Tapp Mystery
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A car is found neatly parked on the side of the road. A short time later, the spot is marked by a cross. Tapp and team are hired to find the missing driver, a middle-aged, Michigan woman. The investigation leads to similar cases where women vanish while on the road, and crosses appear shortly afterward. Where are these women? And what is the meaning of this common thread of car and cross?

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Meet S. E. Schenkel

Mysteries have always captivated me. Any kind. Mysteries of faith, creation, people. The mystery of an empty house, trap door. A neighbor's weirdness. But I didn't start writing mysteries until two events collided: a power outage and working under the dictatorship of the manager of a grocery store. The outage and its subsequent boredom handed me pen and paper, and my boss supplied the drive to write a story titled—“Murder In The Meat Department”. From that day until now, writing has been right up there with oxygen and chocolate.

Numerically, I'm grandmother to eight, stepmother to four, and sibling to five. I was a member of a missionary group (aka nun) for seventeen years, worked for ten of those years in Africa, have been married for over thirty years. And if you can't figure out my age from that, you and I have equally appalling math skills.

As for my personality, what I feel, think, value... You may find clues to that in my mysteries.


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