Dreamtime Drift (Soul of Australia Book 3)

Dreamtime Drift (Soul of Australia Book 3)
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Australia’s city of Brisbane is founded as a convict prison for second offenders. When the hateful Captain Logan is given free rein to exercise his torturous disposition, both convicts and Aborigines find their resistance heartless.
While Britain insisted on appointing gutless governers, what could sympathetic white men do to ease the pains? The black man, however, found his own way of taking personal revenge.


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In another 5-Star revelation from the pen of Kev Richardson, Dreamtime Drift tells the dreadful tale of how in early Australia, white man’s frenetic race to grab arable land using hard-labour-convicts to build a prison and farmlands, bludgeoned their way at the expense of the Aboriginal people. Struggling under a government striving to build a further dependency in its empire, the native inhabitants fighting to protect their very existence, buckle under the power of the educated invaders. This work takes the reader into the very heart of the shock, insecurity and helplessness of Australia’s indigenous people.

—Libby Adams, Aussie eBook Reviews.

5 Stars ! Multi-published historical writer, Kev Richardson found himself truly challenged in his endeavor to locate the Aboriginal voice to weave into Australia’s early history. As is often the case, the indigenous people were without a written language. Therefore, the Australian Aborigine’s story could be unearthed only from vocally repeated myths and metaphysical beliefs.

Through the eyes of the gentle natives 1824 to 1830 in Dreamtime Drift, Kev recreates the emotional conflict and mystical beliefs of the peaceful Turrbal and Jagera people. It is a then account of the injustices and savagery inflicted on a gentle race of people by the British invaders; those with little regard for the rights of indigenous people.

This exceptional work truly touched my heart.

What gave me real satisfaction in this historical account of Aboriginal abuse was Banyo’s parting sentiments to the notoriously cruel Captain Logan. It was a fitting and subtle salutation to a man with so much evil in his heart as to be forbidden the right to enter the tranquility of the afterlife.

JoEllen,Conger Book Reviews USA


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