Elvis in Wonderland

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Buddy wants to be a star in the world of Elvis impersonators, but he can’t seem to catch a break. Maybe a union is the answer?

Follow the trials and tribulations of being an “Elvis" - the preparation, the shows, the competitions and the relationships formed by the men (and women) of this unique society.

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Meet Marya Kalen

Marya was born and raised in Canada and loves to explore that great country. She refers to herself as a ‘Renaissance Woman,’ for she dabbles in a variety of ventures—writing, art, music and so much more.

After their three-year stint as full time RVers, she and her husband John, a very talented Elvis Tribute Artist, have settled down (for now) in a little mining community in North Western Ontario. The town’s motto, ‘Play in the Extreme’ is an appropriate moniker for Marya’s lifestyle.

 She continues to write, despite the many distractions of the beauty and adventure around her.

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