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What would happen if energy suddenly became free, clean and inexhaustible? The answers may be surprising. It speaks to our wistful sense of escapism from the crushing effects of environmental catastrophe and the inevitability of the economic status quo with a revolutionary ‘magic pill’, but is it really worth it?

A clear, sharp shot cracked out. People screamed, began running in every direction, or simply froze. The photographer instantly ducked, jerking his head left, then right, searching, packing his kits as he started waddling quickly backwards, towards Basil Street, towards Zafir’s coffee shop.
Another shot, this time from much closer, louder, a different gun. Again the photographer jinked, turned and ran a zigzag pattern like a trained soldier. Zafir actually saw a puff of limestone express off the building just above the cameraman’s head. The photographer was the target! Multiple shooters were out there.
Full panic was now building on the street. People burst into the shop, pointing, shouting, shrieking. Cell phones were whipped out and people started making calls or recording images. Zafir pulled back into the corner as far as he could squeeze, out of the window. Glancing up the street, he couldn’t see the Americans anymore. People were running on Brompton as well. Given its recent tragic history, London doesn’t react to street carnage very well . Zafir clearly saw the photographer dash by the entrance to the coffee house, his older face steeled, jaw tight, white ponytail flying; all the look and moves of someone who has been under fire before.


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This is a wonderfully complex and well-thought-out piece of fiction. Speculative fiction is a fascinating genre, so this was truly a treat to read. The plot is extremely realistic, the details are great, the characters are believable and it leaves you wondering at the end if this scenario is actually possible!

All in all, I think Doc Carson has produced a fantastic work. There are countless points at which I found myself pausing and wondering, “Would that actually work?” or “Oh wow, I hadn’t thought about that. Would this much chaos really happen? Could we actually not handle finding a solution to this?”  Good fiction totally grips you and makes you want to keep reading, makes you think and this story has done just that. The characters are varied, believable, flawed and relatable. The tone is great; it has humor thrown in at just the right moments and in perfect doses.

The bits of different language interspersed worked well as this is an international novel and gives that much more flavor to the scenes that take place all over the world. I read this with same enthusiasm that I did The DaVinci Code or a classic Tom Clancy story. I think it has huge potential, as it is very relevant to things going on today locally and internationally, and countless audiences will connect with it and captivated by it.

Amanda Faber

Ivy House Publishing Group

This is a solid, engaging and eco-thriller.  Doc Carson did a fine job structuring the work and meeting many of the plotting and character requirements for the thriller genre.  This was a nicely executed and action-packed story and will find a ready audience.

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