Faith and Frenzy
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This tale of love and hate in the name of God exposes many travails in 17th century England.
Hadn’t the English had enough of invaders, the Vikings, Normans, Picts and Scots without their world now erupting in religious mayhem? Can Richard’s family avoid division? Were their decisions wise? Did either side win?
Religion is shattered as families opt to support this or that faith or faction. Peace and order are themselves ripped into frenzied shreds as faith in God is torn asunder.

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In Faith and Frenzy, Kev Richardson, proven storyteller, transports you into the middle ages, into hearts and minds of bewildered innocents as their world erupts. Hadn’t Englanders had enough of invaders, the Vikings, Normans, Picts and Scots without their world now erupting in religious mayhem and civil war?

Richardson paints anguish, ordeal and dolour as families opt for different sides. Can either win?

Another fine work from this writer’s canny sense of perception.

Libby Abbott,

Aussie e-Book Reviews

 5+ Stars!

Multi-published historical writer, Kev Richardson’s slant on 17th Century history comes across as very personally realistic, as factions of the ruling classes fight to maintain a hold on religious beliefs. In Faith And Frenzy he introduces Richard Bray, wife, Beatrix and their extensive family who live through and survive England’s bloody Civil War.

If you like to live the history you’re reading, this book is extremely well presented. I highly recommend it.

JoEllen, Conger

CongerBook Reviews, USA



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Meet Kev Richardson

A retired journalist, Kev Richardson continues writing. His several novels on the founding of white Australia’s convict history are legendary. He spent many years touring the world writing travel articles for airline magazines, his experiences now the basis of his Brogan series of action/adventures, and more recently his Beresford Branson series. These are interwoven with biographies of significant people—results of his extensive family history research.

Kev has the distinction of having all his fifteen novels published to date awarded 5 stars or 5+, 5++ and even his latest, My Red Cross, a 10 star (first 10 star in the history of Conger Book Reviews, USA) All his books are available in both eBook and Paperback. He is twice married yet now enjoys a single life, relaxing in the Himalayan foothills of exotic Thailand. Two more titles are in the publishing pipeline and three more in work in progress.



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