Finding Hope
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Janet DeMarco is having one of those days. She feels underappreciated, underestimated, and misunderstood. She accidentally resigns from her job and, when her husband finds it amusing, she hands in her resignation to her family, as well. Janet becomes a blonde, changes her name to Hope, and meets two people who help her realize the blessings in her life: Ricki, a young single mother, and Joy, a homeless woman close to Janet’s age.


What They Are Saying About Finding Hope

Finding Hope is told with light-hearted humor that will bring countless chuckles. The sparkling dialogue will keep you entertained page after page, and you will find yourself hoping, as does her ever-loving husband, that Janet never loses touch with Hope. An excellent read by the fireside and one that will send readers in search of more of Linda Rettstatt’s novels.

—Carol McPhee


A book is usually read for review only once, but Finding Hope drew, no, compelled me to read it again. How Ms. Rettstatt compressed the total secret of life in a single book is nothing short of miraculous. A young woman who is not truly unhappy searches for her inner fulfillment. The process she chooses is elemental, but highly effective. The author cuts through psycho-babble crap and gets to the core of life. She learns fulfillment comes with the giving of oneself. Ms. Rettstatt has written an insightful book with humor, pathos and inspiration. I highly recommend Finding Hope. The reader will find, as I did, a fragment of their own life can be improved with this delightful book.

—A. Dee Carey-The Fox Lady

Foxpaw Reviews

Finding Hope is a moving, touching account of a woman’s journey. Her brave search to uncover what is missing in her life will warm your hearts. I found myself racing to finish the story to find out what happened and to see how Janet ends up. I began rooting for all women who have the courage to reach out like Janet, to stand up and demand that they be treated with the utmost respect and be allowed to explore and become all that they desire. I highly recommend this book. Grab a nice cup of tea, curl up on a comfy chair, and dream along with Janet as you witness her journey, her search for hope. You, too, will be Finding Hope right along with her. I look forward to further novels by Ms. Rettstatt. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out in reading her inspiring books. They will make a difference in your life.

—Suzanne M. Hurley

Linda Rettstatt has tapped into a universal yearning many middle-aged women discover in themselves, and again delivers an emotionally strong story interlaced with humor and poignancy. Finding Hope is a story every woman who has ever wondered what she is missing from life should read.

—Kimberley Dehn

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