Glimpse of Eternity
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He wanted to kiss her again. Giving in to the impulse, he lowered his head.

She thwarted him by scooting off his lap, jumping to her feet. Instead of dashing away, she stood before him, her mouth swollen from his prolonged kiss, her eyes blazing with unfulfilled passion. And then to his utter amazement, she said, “Thank you.”

Startled, and still on the bed, his gaze level with hers, he said, “If you like my kisses, why did you stop me?”

“Because that’s not why I’m here. And I’m sure my guardian angel wouldn’t approve if we did anything more.”

Clay breathed in and out, slowly. “Why then, did you thank me?”

“For the reunion.”

Puzzled, he frowned. “The reunion?”

She nodded. “I think we’ve known each other before. In prior lives. But I don’t expect to stay in this century. So I don’t think we should kiss again. I need to try to help solve your problems, not complicate them, so I can go home.”


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