Gurrewa (Soul of Australia Book 1)
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A true tale of the shame of a nation’s founding when mostly inept personnel were chosen to accompany petty-crime-convicts to an un-inspected destination, to found a settlement. Tradesmen in every skill required had been overlooked; street gamin, pickpockets and loose women (near all illiterate) were depended on to make bricks, erect houses and feed a thousand others when warlike Aborigines made access to forest impossible.


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In its first edition, a finalist in the

2003 International Eppies Awards

5++ Stars! I wept for Adam Ashby, not because he lived such a degrading, despairing life as a lowly convict, but because he had finally discovered acceptance and respect by the Aborigines of New South Wales, only to be hunted down by his own people. He had bolted into the wilds rather than be flogged for his latest crime. This is a poignant story of a boy who, in his teens, searched for a kind and gentler world where a person could be loved for simply being himself. Instead, he is jailed and thrown in with hardened criminals and military men who greedily seek power over their charges. In spite of what this criminal environment has in store for Adam, he nonetheless survives. Yet it is his searching for empathetic love and respect that carries him into manhood. And oh, that ending! It hit me right in the gut. Masterful stuff!

—JoEllen, Conger Book Reviews (USA)

5 Stars for Kev Richardson’s GURREWA!

This third edition continues emptying the vacuum cleaner with which modern Australians are at last cleaning under the carpet where for generations, the dust of truth was swept. It is the first intensive study of what happed in Sydney Cove, told through convict eyes, yet with added meat, since Marcus Clark’s masterpiece For the Term of his Natural Life in 1870. It delves too, into the Aborigine facing the terrible realisation that his heritage is crumbling. Gurrewa gives us a remarkable insight into the perturbations of both the convict and the black man…both in the fear of his tomorrows.

—Libbie Abbott, Aussie eBook Reviews

 5 Stars! - Gurrewa tells the brutal shame of a new nation's founding, the plight of convicts, and of Aborigines facing the terrible realisation that their heritage is crumbling. Author Kev Richardson has caught the flavor and pure awfulness of the time about which he writes. His characters are well drawn and believable. Without hesitation I recommend this story to anyone who likes historical or mainstream tales.

—Anne K. Edwards, eBooks Reviews Weekly




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