Knight's Blood: The Hope Of Humanity
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In a world where all mythology is real, Alexandra Blood, a former Knight, is called out of hiding when Legion, a secret government organization that polices the supernatural, locates a young girl they believe to be the long prophesized Hope of Humanity. It’s up to Alex to protect the girl from the petty and selfish Greek gods of Mt. Olympus and establish her true identity.

In a desperate roll of the dice, Alex takes the girl to see Cassandra, the Oracle of Troy, who has been driven made by visions of the future to uncover the girl's destiny.


What They Are Saying About Knight’s Blood:

 The Hope Of Humanity

“With a mixture of myths and mayhem, stirred up by a kick-ass heroine, Knight’s Blood: The Hope Of Humanity is exciting, entertaining, and carries the reader along on a wild ride of relentless action. After a deep breath, I’m ready for more!”

*lizzie starr

Prince Of Dark Ness

Leary never disappoints. With a delicious twist of myth and adventure, he brings the unbelievable alive. Lush, vibrant characters thought long ago dead are resurrected in this tale of lost hope. Blood and Wine go down smooth together; a seductive, teasing mix of a nightcap to savor every night. If only now I could join the Legion and kick ass like Alex does while saving the world at my sexiest.

Alisha Paige

Nocturnally Vexed

Hunting for Fireflies



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