Living Lies

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Lani destroys Laurie’s happiness in a night of reckless abandon, which changes their lives forever. Suffering the consequences, Lani flees to Italy and Laurie moves to New York.

Conflicts and challenges face the mirror image twins as Lani becomes involved with a vineyard owner and Laurie learns her lover is Mafia.

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Meet Eleanor Cocreham

Texas born, but Louisiana reared, I was once asked in an interview by a fellow romance writer if I’d had adventures in my life. I had to admit being married many, many years to a guy I met on a blind date, having two sons and twin daughters had certainly been an adventure. As a Baton Rouge resident who once had tennis, golf and rearing children filling my days, the computer now occupies my time. My husband couldn’t be happier…writing stories keeps me from the shopping malls.

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