Lost Legacy
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A New Hampshire coven learns that historian Joe Hillery will locate an enchanted ring which has been lost for centuries. Meg’s love spell is the only one that finds its mark… not only does it destroy Joe’s marriage, but causes Meg’s coven of powerful witches to seek revenge against her for betrayal.


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 Joe Hillery, a happily married man with a lovely wife and a young family, finds himself in desperate need to pay the mortgage on his refurbished ancestral home. He becomes enthralled by the generous sum offered him by the local Pagan high priest, Marcus Phillips, to recount to the Coven his time-travel adventures. The three coven witches, determined to be the one with Joe when he locates the mystical ring, cast love spells over him. Can Joe prove himself strong enough against their love spells to save his marriage?

I highly recommend Ralph Horner's most recent release, the suspenseful witches' tale, Lost Legacy. It artfully depicts the wickedness of three coven witches warring against one another, determined to be the one with Joe, whom it has been predicted will locate the Wiccan Ring of Power, missing for centuries.

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