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George Pike, a lawyer dies. His soul delivered to the Third Dimension decides to work for Hades Inc. Getting a new body, he is given an assignment to come back to the First Dimension and promote the interests of Hades by preventing Armageddon.

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Meet Gabriel Timar

Born in Hungary in 1932, a cadet at the elite military school of Nagykaroly during World War II, Gabriel Timar studied civil engineering at the Budapest University. Taking active part in the 1956 revolution, he decided to defect to the West. In the United Kingdom he worked as a structural designer. Ten months later he immigrated to Canada and worked as an engineer. After seven years, he got his first contract in Asia. For the next twenty-odd years he worked in Africa, Asia and the South Pacific as a consulting engineer, chief executive officer, United Nations environmental engineering advisor and finally as a professor. In 1982 he married, returned to Canada with his Hungarian wife, and taught environmental engineering at Seneca College in Toronto. In 1994 he retired as the Chair of the School of Civil and Resources Engineering Technology. All his life he enjoyed writing novels, articles, and plays both in English and Hungarian. From 1997 he regularly contributed articles to Kanadai Magyarság, the largest North American Hungarian language weekly under the pseudonym Gabor Bendeguz. In 2000, his first Hungarian language novel, A Bardán kapcsolat was nominated for the Zsoldos award, recognizing the year's best Hungarian sci-fi. In 2004, his first English language novel, Hades Connection, another sci-fi was published in the USA. In Hungary, in 2005, Helikon Kiadó launched his major historical novel, H?sök vagy b?nösök (Heroes or criminals). In 2006, Kairosz Kiadó published Menni vagy maradni, and in 2007, Püski Kiadó put his other historical novel, A fegyverek árnyékában (Aura of war) on the market. To date, he has ten English language novels to his credit as shown on the home page.He also wrote several manuals and college textbooks published by the Province of Ontario, Seneca College, United Nations and the University of Malawi.

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