Maze Of Secrets

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Irmajean Lloyd, volunteer gardener at historic Rosewood Estate, thinks there's nothing more deadly than black spot on the roses. She's proven horribly wrong when the director of the estate is murdered. Determined to help solve the crime, Irmajean uncovers a maze of carefully hidden secrets. Which of these was the catalyst for murder?

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“Move over Miss Marple and Jessica Fletcher. Irmajean Lloyd is here.”

—Suzanne Hurley

“Maze of Secrets is a mystery that keeps you turning the pages to uncover the secrets and solve this brilliantly-written whodunit.”

—Linda Rettstatt

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Meet Norma Seely

I live within sight of the Pacific Ocean with one husband, two dogs and two cats. I have a degree in history with a special interest in the unexplained. Writing has been a part of my life for almost forty years and I have nine published novels to my credit. Old houses, especially those with a mysterious past, have always intrigued me and inspired the background for Maze Of Secrets. Gardening, my heroine's passion, is a serious hobby of mine. The background for managing a historic property like the one in the story, comes from my oldest daughter (one of a set of twins) who was the assistant director for a house similar to the one in the story.


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