New Persia: Before the Storm
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The world of New Persia, humanity's colony in the stars, is near collapse. The native plants are overrunning the transplanted Earth life.  Continent-spanning "seed storms" rush in from the Northern Waste and bring fire seeds with them.  The seeds hatch and burn down everything in their path.  The seeds sprout in the ashes, taking back land lost to the invaders from Earth.

Captain Basir Turani is a soldier who does not know how to fight the storms, but he can fight the treacherous Azanians.  Humanity, even beset by natural disaster, is still at war with itself.  The Azanians plan to attack when the seed storm is at its height and New Persia is devastated.

With Basir are his friend, the fighter pilot Farad, and Suri Pahlavi, a student of the past.  In the Dark Age of New Persia, the 33rd century looks more like the 20th century on Earth.  With Nasrin, a beautiful woman with a mysterious past, the friends face the twin threats of disaster and war.

Treachery is everywhere.  From the halls of the capital to the Azanian Frontier, the struggle for survival and supremacy depends on cunning as much as strength.

Basir and his friends are up to the challenge.  Will New Persia survive the crucible of fire and war?
BEFORE THE STORM is the first book in the New Persia series.


Meet John L. Lynch

John Lynch is a second-generation Peruvian immigrant who misspent his youth by reading too much. He foolishly joined the military and even more foolishly went to college. He has been a sailor, soldier, sandwich maker, GM receiver, dishwasher, library assistant, pizza dough stretcher, delivery driver, mail carrier, cable salesman, graduate student, submarine tour guide and novelist.



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