On Jun 25, 2022, at 11:13 AM, Linda Voth wrote: <a href="https://www.w3schools.com/">Visit W3Schools.com!</a> A lot has happened in the past year, not all of it good. As you know from my past posts, my husband Bruce suffered a stroke and has since experienced a number of falls. He has been in and out of hospitals and rehab units and is on the mend, but the process is slow and requires most of my time and attention. During these past months, my work with Wings has not been as comprehensive as I’d like. Finding long stretches of time to devote to my end of the business is a challenge. Jeanne and I have talked it over and decided the best thing for our authors and for Wings is to take a brief break from accepting and publishing new manuscripts. We will certainly honor those contracts already in place, but we’ll suspend new projects until January, 2023, with publication dates beginning in May, 2023. Doing so will allow me time to catch up, tend to matters left unfinished and start with a clean slate in the new year. If any of you is presently planning to submit new manuscripts and you feel you can’t wait out the few months until January, please contact Jeanne to discuss possible alternatives. Otherwise, we will be more than happy to receive, acknowledge and work with your new manuscripts beginning then. This isn’t something we do lightly. But taking a few months off without the pressures of deadlines and the external demands of the sources through which we publish and distribute our books will allow us to resume our work with you in a manner you deserve and which works for us. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Being a small independent publisher isn’t for the faint of heart these days and we value the relationships we’ve built over the 21 years Wings has been in business. We hope to find you all writing and submitting again in 2023. Linda V. -- This group is an email mailing list for Wings ePress authors and staff. Be aware that postings and replies go to the entire list. The standard google links below shouldn't concern you. Just send email like you did on the old list. --- To view this discussion on the web visit https://groups.google.com/d/msgid/wingsepress-authors/CADr9YhhAXwbQ7ORjMTHqRYs0UDdcivVRGsjrjmCxJS8xMGt6oA%40mail.gmail.com