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Wings ePress-Authors LightningSource Marketing Fees

We have been working with LightningSource for over a year now. I have sent out a few billings through PayPal and am very pleased with the response, but now it’s time to send out more. LightningSource charges $12.00 a year per title ($1.00/month). That fee keeps each title in the Ingram catalog so books can be ordered from any local brick and mortar store, and they also list our books on all the online vendor sites internationally so they show up on more than just the Amazon stores. As limited as our resources are, Wings ePress, Inc. can’t cover those costs; they must come from you, the authors.

PayPal charges us a fee to send out the billings, so Wings has to charge you 95 cents per book to cover those fees. Our first year with LightningSource was free for the catalog listing. We managed to put around 50 books up on LSI before the end of 2020. We did make mistakes when we first put the books up. Frankly, we didn’t even think about having the authors check their books for errors before we published them through LightningSource until an author found errors in his print book. Then we discovered that LSI charges a $40.00 fee to fix errors after the books have been published. Since then, as you know, we have been sending out pubproofs and getting approval letters from the authors before we put the books into print with LSI.

Eleven months after your books are printed through LightningSource, all authors will receive a bill for their books. The annual charge is $12.95 for marketing through LightningSource.

All bills will be sent through PayPal, which accepts payments from personal PayPal accounts and from any regular credit card. If you need to send payment via check, please send to…

Wings ePress, Inc

113 Woodduck Ct

Winchester, KY 40391

And send an email telling me the check has been sent to

Only send payment for the bills owing. Don't send money to cover books that haven't been posted, please.

All authors will be billed one month before their yearly payment is due. If payment is not made within the 30 days before the bill is due, LightningSource will remove those books from its catalog.

We hope all of you will elect to meet the LSI fee requirement and keep your books available through Ingram. The more your book circulates throughout the world, the better your chances of future sales.

Thanks for your patience. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Linda Voth

Wings ePress, Inc.

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