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Changeable Facades ( A Samantha Barclay Mystery Book 1)

Changeable Facades ( A Samantha Barclay Mystery Book 1)

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By Suzanne M. Hurley

Samantha Barclay is a counselor at Milton High. When a student confides that his mother was murdered, she is the only one who believes him.

Can she stop the murderer from killing a second time? Will handsome Deputy Al Michael help her? Can she escape with her own life intact?

What They Are Saying About Changeable Façades

Ms. Hurley answers these questions in an engrossing page turner that keeps the reader guessing until the unmasking of the villain in the harrowing climax. Along the way she depicts small town life with an attention to background detail that will make the reader long to visit West Virginia. Sam is an engaging heroine, strong and courageous, with compassion for those in trouble and a sense of humor. Al is the perfect hero—there to offer support and back-up along with the loan of his dog, an irresistible setter named Max. The characters are real and seem familiar, the kind anyone might have in his hometown. Changeable Façades ends with the promise of a sequel. I’ll be looking forward to it.

—Dorothy Bodoin

Changeable Façades is a fast paced, intricate mystery that will leave you gasping as you turn each page. Suzanne Hurley has a privileged view of the teenage mind. She understands the depth and impact of adolescent feelings.

In Changeable Façades, you find yourself constantly wondering just who is the bad guy. Though I won’t reveal the villain, trust me you will be completely taken off guard. I highly recommend this book and will look for others from this author.

—A. Dee Carey

The Fox Lady

Changeable Facades by Suzanne Hurley is an intriguing mystery with a dash of Romance. The mounting tension (and threats for the poor heroine) while Sam struggles to discover the truth is fantastic too. The ending threw me for a loop and I loved the fact that it hints at a sequel. I really look forward to reading more about Sam and Al because I enjoyed Changeable Façades so much.

—Marguerite Arotin

The Locktender’s Daughter

This is a deeply moving journey into a community that is one way on the outside with an undertow of complex secrets beneath the placid façade. Explore the lives, feel the angst of this young boy through the skillful hands of a master crafts woman—Suzanne Hurley. I highly recommend Changeable Façades—you cannot read it and come away the same person you were when you started reading it.

—Billie A Williams

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