By Susan Newton Bennet

Ravannel, very drunk, grabbed Cal’s arm and pulled him before a huge gilt edged mirror.

“Look there real closely.”

“What in the world do you want, Ransom?”

“You wanted me to tell you why I don’t want you to tell your mother you work for me.

This mirror explains it all.”

Cal pulled away but Ravannel held Cal’s arm tighter.

“Look at your eyes and look at mine,” Ravannel said. “See we’ve both got these light blue eyes, very rare this color eye. Neither one of your parents have eyes like ours. Both you and I have the same eyes because you’re my son!”

Cal broke Ravannel’s grip on his arm and hit him squarely on the jaw knocking him to the floor. “You’re crazy; that’s nonsense, you damned drunk.”

“It’s true,” Ravannel protested as he rubbed his jaw.

What They Are Saying About Doubt

Laura’s world is turned upside down after a series of events leave her alone without a husband and almost penniless. She goes back to teaching and gets involved in women’s rights. She also connects back with old friend Mrs. VanGelder and the man who broke her heart years ago, Byron Hartwell. What happens next will prove what a strong woman Laura really is, and how she perseveres. If you’ve not read Golden Love yet, RUN, don’t walk to purchase your copy of both these wonderful books! Susan Newton Bennet strikes gold again with Doubt, the sequel to Golden Love.

--Debbie Hull