Golden Love

By Susan Newton Bennet

An old prospector, Sour Dough, makes possible Laura Rutherford’s escape from a Colorado mining town in 1880 to accept a scholarship to Eton College in Denver. With her teaching degree comes heartbreak. Back in Placer she teaches the miners’ children and helps Jennie, a dance hall girl, learn to read. Jennie’s shocking death resolves Laura to work to get the mine owners to help the miners’ families. She enlists the help of Prescott, the handsome manager of the Caribou mine whom she has come to love even though his help might costs him his job and be lost to her.

How Laura and Prescott work together to achieve their goals and Sour Dough again helps them makes an exciting story of love, loss and final success.

What They Are Saying About Golden Love

In Golden Love, Ms. Bennet demonstrates that even beautiful girls ultimately face the same questions we all do. What am I willing to do to accomplish my dreams? Will I find love? Laura finds the answers through perseverance and spiritual guidance. Lessons for us all.

—Dee S Knight,

author and member of MORWA