Hidden Alliances (Shadow Hands Series Book 2)

By M. A. Mogus

In Shadow Hands Towsen and friends stopped the Khysid Army by destroying one of their bases. But in Hidden Alliances both Towsen and his friends discover that nothing has changed. These people with advanced technology are still around and their motives are becoming clearer.
But the Khysids are caught in a technological trap of their own making. Their dead Supreme Commander has set the Khysids up for destruction and they can only continue on the path of invasion chosen when Major Kester was first sent to the 1861 alternate universe.
Having a superior technology and triggering the Civil War, invasion by the Khysids should be a cinch. But once you alter history, you can’t really predict what will happen. Alliances are forming with people not yet on the scene and with power enough to bring the warring North and South together to fight a common enemy.

What They Are Saying About Hidden Alliances

Airships, the Civil War, a spy for both sides, except one of the sides is neither the Confederacy nor the Union. It's a science fiction fantasy firmly anchored in reality. A reality that exists in an alternate time-line with only the Codex of the Flowering Butterfly to show the way. But is it the right way? M. A. Mogus has done it again. –

Ed Kelemen,

author, columnist, and lecturer.