If I Should Die Before I Wake

By Farrell Till

Running from tragedy in her past, romance writer Jessica Talmadge moves to Eastern Tennessee. Despite warnings from local residents of a malicious ghost that haunts it, she buys an abandoned house that she believes will be an ideal place for her emotionally wounded daughter to recover from the trauma of finding her father’s body after his suicide. Upon moving into the house, Jessie discovers that the warnings were well-founded. She experiences strange “visions” in which she sees the sinister history of the house as mental movies running through her mind, and soon the visions become erotic encounters with a mystery entity that resides in the house.

Unknown to Jessie, a deranged paramilitary fanatic, who had kept hidden for twenty years a horrifying encounter he had had with the entity the night his lover was murdered there, is plotting to destroy the house to defeat what he thinks is the antichrist that his preacher is predicting will come soon. His plan of destruction coincides with Jessie's recognition that the entity in the house is real. She flees with her daughter and nanny just in time to escape, but upon marrying again and moving to California, she learns that she is pregnant and that she is permanently bound to the ghost she had bought with the house in Tennessee.