Lovers and Friends

By Claire Bocardo

When Ivy Darling’s third husband trades her in on a newer model, it seems only natural for her long (and happily) widowed friend Flo Hunnicut to take her in. After all, though they’re different as satin and Denim, they’ve been friends for forty years. Then Ivy, who believes no woman can be truly happy without a man, sets out to make Flo over so she can attract local builder Lon Stubbins. However, Flo wants neither a makeover nor a man. To give Ivy something else to think about, Flo decides to set her up with his rich and gorgeous partner, Dexter George Armbruster III. It might almost work, if only the men didn’t have ideas of their own about who belongs with whom.

What they are saying about Lovers and Friends

Friends and Lovers

Friends and Lovers, which will remind readers of the classic movie The Duchess of Idaho, is about two very different kinds of relationships and how both types help to make a person's life complete. ...Claire Bocardo deftly handles the dual relationship and the lifestyle of a fiftyish woman with class and clarity. 4 stars

—Harriet Klausner

Affaire de Coeur,

Ivy Grimes. Flo Huckabee. Two friends who've been together and apart for ages. With names like these, you might conjure up small town America and you would be right. Flo's lived there all her life; Ivy's escaped a few times but has again ended up back in Cedar Grove, Texas, this time after a disastrous ten year marriage that has Ivy reeling with heartache. The only place to go was home, to cry on her widowed friend's shoulder.

—Anne Carter

Beacon Street Press