My Love Will Always Haunt You

By Susan Newton Bennet

Cal and Laura sat on a bench in the hospital court yard enjoying the sunny day. Suddenly Cal put his face in his hands. “Ma, after the plane crashed and I lost my memory I would have this dream. There was a beautiful face smiling at me just beyond my reach. This perfect creature had no body. It was just a face and it drove me wild I couldn’t place who she was or how I knew her.”

Laura turned away. Should I tell him about Al and Cristina? The Doctor said his memory is fragile. I don’t dare shock him now, perhaps later. I wish I knew what I must do!

What They Are Saying About My Love Will Always Haunt You

Susan Newton Bennet writes another winner with “My Love Will Always Haunt You,” the third book in her family saga inspired by her Grandmother’s memoirs.

Debbie Hull

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