Shadow Hands (Shadow Hands Series Book 1)

By M. A. Mogus

Alternate universes are not at the same historical time. To Trevor Towsen it’s 1861 and he has returned to Virginia to find the murderer of a friend. Towsen’s expectations for help are upended when he discovers his friend’s widow has taken his dead friend’s mistress as a companion, the police are using him for their own ends and his life is in danger. With help from an actress and a freedman, Towsen investigates the mysterious Triangle Club and its brothels serving as a front for the Khysid Army. The Khysids are invaders and exploiters of alternate universes and Towsen and his friends must uncover this plot before they are erased from history.

What They Are Saying About Shadow Hands

When Trevor Towsen returns to Richmond, Virginia, circa 1861 to investigate the death of an old friend, he doesn’t realize he’ll be dealing with invaders from an alternate universe and that his interference marks him for death. He has  been told by two remarkable women that he is the key upon which events turn. Now he must play his part in a plot that stirs the people and passions of multiple universes together in order to “set right” the time that is “out of joint.” Mary Ann combines her detailed knowledge of Civil War history with a rich imagination to create parallel universes populated by both good and evil characters on a stage of vast and intricate construction. Everything works together down to the finest watch spring that ticks to an explosive jaw-dropping conclusion

Barbara Miller –

author Romance and Regency

A. Mogus has done it! The perfect blend of History, Mystery, Action, and Adventure that takes place in a setting that requires a mastery of when as much as where. Shadow Hands is what happens when the best of SciFi, Mystery, Suspense, and History gets together and collaborates on a book! I can't wait for the next book in this gripping series. –

Ed Kelemen,

Civil War Chronicles and The Haunted Highway