Return To Madrona
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A ragged old wolf-dog that appears and disappears, an imaginary playmate who turns out to be real, an unexpected fortune and the death of her only relative are just the beginning.

Amanda Dorning searches for her identity, her Aunt Haley's past and the reason someone wants her beating heart. The journey leads Amanda from a farm in Kentucky back to Madrona. In the Cascade Mountains of Washington she comes face to face with her twin sister and both realize that one of them must die.

The other will live to carry out the prophecies of an ancient legend.


I just finished reading Marilyn Kapp's book, "Return to Madrona".  It is one of the most suspenseful books I've ever read.  I was literally glued to it! Parts of it are as scary as any Stephen King book.  If you all have not read Marilyn's book, I highly recommend that you do.  Marilyn, is one heck of a talented writer.  Her novel is full of evocative, vivid scenes so real I felt I was watching it all played out on a giant movie screen.   Thanks for a great read.

Marsha Briscoe.

5 Stars

Haley Dorning sees a mangy old dog in town and then again on the road seconds before the car wreck that claims her life. Is it coincidence or is this dog searching for something or someone? The dog then shows up at the home she shared with her niece Amanda. As the plot thickens and the horror draws closer Amanda digs into her deceased Aunt's past, and begins a search for her own identity. Her search leads her away from her home to an ancient legend and the twin sister she never knew she had. But only one twin can live! Who will survive?

A chilling tale designed to keep you reading late into the night! But when you finish the book you will think twice about turning out the lights! Ms. Nichols-Kapp has produced an intriguing, suspenseful and horrific story. Return to Madrona is a horror lover's dream.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Sabrina Edwards

Three murdered women were found by a photographer whosuddenly died after calling Sheriff Wylie. The womenhad been naked and strapped to the top of a tree, tohang as if they were beef to be cured. A cult isthought to be the cause.

Aunt Haley knew the truth about Amanda's past and theprophecy. She had done much to keep Amanda safe from those who searched for her. Those who wanted Amanda dead. But when Haley dies, Amanda's chances of finding out about her origins died too. Then Amanda is nearly

murdered by a stranger, and another stranger has been in town asking questions about her family. Both had come from Washington state. Amanda goes to Madrona, Washington in search of answers.Thus, Amanda is thrown into a world of possible cannibalism, cults, and terror. A cult of which every member wants Amanda to die. And Amanda learns her whole life has been nothing but lies.

***This was like a Horror and a Romance in one. Mostly Horror! It was chilling through and through! Here is  one story I believe will have its readers sleeping with a light on for several nights!***

 Huntress Book Reviews



About Marilyn Nichols Kapp

Marilyn Nichols Kapp was born in Richmond, Kentucky and grew up in Madison and surrounding counties.  Writing has been a lifetime passion

 As well as a member of the Richmond Writers Group, she is a member of Romance Writers of America, Futuristic, Fantasy & Paranormal and Sisters in Crime writing organizations.  She is a member of the Madison County Historical Society and Madison County Civil War Roundtable.

 Ms Kapp resides in Richmond, spending most of her time with writing related activities.



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