Rite Of Passage
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Corrine is near exhaustion on the downward trail. Pausing for breath on an open ridge, she hears a strange, whistling sound. At first, she is unable to identify it. Anxiety rising, she whirls about and raises her eyes to the sky to see the she-eagle plummeting toward her. She doesn’t know whether to expect a greeting or an attack. She only knows she mustn’t run.

The wind from the eagle’s strong beating wings whips her hair wildly about her face. The bird, its talons raised, its ear-splitting scream terrifying her, Corrine nearly faints before the spirit of her native American husband raises protective arms above her to return the bird’s salutation.

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Meet JoEllen Conger

JoEllen Conger is a twin writing team. The twins began writing short stories while in school, then continued their individual writing careers as they matured. Each is published separately under her married name in cook books, newsletters, magazines, newspaper bylines, self help and alternative healing therapy. The twins joined Romance Writers of America in 1992 and began enjoying their joint efforts in writing fantasy and romance. Joan lives in the picturesque seaside town of Santa Cruz, California, while Joyce lives with her husband in the California desert valley of Bakersfield. Although the twins live miles apart they communicate nearly daily by e-mail. Both authors rely on their cats to direct their writing efforts.

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