Son of Gurrewa (Soul of Australia Book 2)

Son of Gurrewa (Soul of Australia Book 2)
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As he goes about exploring and contributing to his new nation’s growth, Adam discovers how the first generation born in ‘White’ Australia must, in wider circles, hide the ‘terrible truths’ of the convict blood in his veins. He nevertheless becomes a valued ‘Governor’s Secretary’ and is elected to the new nation’s government.

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5 Stars...Son of Gurrewa is a worthy sequel to Award Winning Gurrewa. Kevin Richardson has the unique ability to tell his country’s history as it affects people, by letting his lifelike characters tell it from their own minds in their own words. This preamble on Australia’s convict beginnings makes the reader believe he or she is really there, influenced by the real events of those days. You cannot but help feel part of it!

—Libby Abbott, Aussie eBook Reviews

 5 Star Award!

Adam Ashby is Kev Richardson's fictionalized convict-birthed character born to an unwed couple, a ‘bolted’ convict and his ‘colony-wife.’

His story represents the real life history of New South Wales' struggles to become more than just an overflow prison for England's criminals. It bares elements of history that earned Australia the reputation of being The Lucky Country – the Land of Opportunity. where good luck and stamina combine to imbue a robust people.

For those of you who missed the history in your Historical reads, you'll not be disappointed in this factional account of Australian history 1790–1820s

—JoEllen, Conger Book Reviews USA

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