The Fever
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The trilogy starts here ...

Sam Milton's normal life is turned upside-down by a chance deathbed revelation:

"There's a gold mine out there ... "

This sparks a ten-year obsession and Sam's life becomes a solitary struggle of self and purpose. He works in secret, lying, trespassing, and doing whatever it takes to continue his quest, even though he sacrifices love, friendship, and family pursuing his elusive goal.

When a solution seems within reach ... THE FEVER takes over and nothing, not even a new love interest, can stop him from hastily planning another perilous trip.

Join Sam as he recklessly heads out, certain that he will either find something in the wilderness ... or die trying.

How far would you go to feed YOUR fever?


What they are saying about The Fever

"It was like the exceptional author Thomas Fenske knew what I wanted in the story and he delivered swiftly ..." -- Red Headed Book Lover Blog (
"The events of the story are engaging and memorable, but the most lasting impression for me is that this book truly captures life ..." - The EdifyingWord (
"How far would you take your quest? An afternoon of hiking? A week, or could you become obsessed to the point of isolation from the world with every breath being taken to further finding a needle in a haystack?"    -  TomeTender Book Blog (

"You'll feel like you're living in this book ..." - Blaise theBaker Book Club

"... Definitely a page-turner ..." - StephanieReadsBooks blog


Meet Thomas Fenske

Thomas Fenske currently lives in North Carolina but he was born and raised in Texas, and his native Texan roots run deep.

He's braved long stretches of endless Texas highways in search of the best Chicken-Fried Steak, Chili, Texas BBQ, and Tex-Mex food. He's hiked west Texas mountains, canoed rapids on the Guadalupe River, suffered through waves of mosquitoes in The Big Thicket, and rafted the Rio Grande. He's blistered in the heat of the long Texas summers, endured hurricanes, ice storms, hail, wind, and floods. He has even ridden across ranchland looking for a lost "little dogie" ... how many Texans can say they did that?


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