The Snake
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The Snake, set in two different worlds, is the story of Ann Cunningham, forensic archivist, and describes an investigation that pushes Ann to her physical and emotional limits as she struggles to solve the mystery of an ancient Maya artifact and the bizarre death of a local professor.


What They Are Saying About The Snake

“A snake, a ritual sacrifice, and an ancient carved marker—what do they mean? J.A. Kellman’s debut mystery, set in Guatemala and central Illinois, is well-written and atmospheric. The author’s deep knowledge of Mayan culture makes her story sparkle with rich detail and authenticity.”

—Sarah Wisseman

Author of the Lisa Donahue Archaeological Mysteries

 and the Flora Garibaldi Art History Mysteries

“Gripping suspense! The Snake takes readers on a tense, twisting trek from the American Midwest into the Mesoamerican jungles to solve a shocking crime. J.A. Kellman is a terrific new voice in mysteries.”

—Molly MacRae

Author of the Highland Bookshop Mysteries

and the Haunted Yarn Shop Mysteries



Meet J.A. Kellman

  • A. Kellman lives in central Illinois with her husband and two cats. She is a retired professor and has done research in Guatemala.


  • Format: Kindle eBook

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