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Clementine figures Jack Standard will wake up, smell the coffee, and be hers someday--until her stepsister Diana shows up at the High Standards spread in Texas and stakes a claim of her own.
Diana has always had a flair for getting what she wants--and what she wants this time is a piece of the Standards.
All his life, Harry Standard’s big brother has had to clean up after him. But not this time. This time, Harry Standard will find a way to get Diana out of Jack and Clem’s way once and for all…


What They Are Saying About Roberta Olsen Major’s Ties

“Once I reacquired TIES from my granddaughter, I found myself being highly entertained... It was much more of an attention-getter than James Mitchner... Major is a talented author who gives her readers the opportunity to partake of sheer reading for pleasure… style, composition and wild imagination… I love reading a book where the good guys win and the bad ones go to that place where bad guys will reside for all eternity…”

—a reader from Texas

“I just finished TIES over the weekend! What a great book. I just loved it. I just love the subtleties…such a delightful band of characters! Harry is a loverly hero!!”

—a reader from California

 “It was a really good story, with so many twists and turns, and such a wonderful command of language ...”

—a reader from Maryland

“Historical novels are my favorites and [the author has] combined this with adventure, romance, a big social message and very interesting characters.”

—a reader from Vermont

“[BOUND] is a great book—and wait until you read both TIES and PIECRUST PROMISES. More of those same folks! They're every bit as well crafted and entertaining.”

—an advance reader from Iowa


  • Format: Kindle eBook

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