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World War II began with the Axis Bloc, including Russia, believing it could control the world. Germany would defeat the unprepared British, Russia swallow the Middle-East and its oil and Japan, with China already whipped, swamp the Pacific leaving USA alone to face the Axis.

· Had Russia not been forced to change sides, the outcome could have seen all that happen.

· Deliberately splitting Germany’s forces between an eastern as well as western front was Hitler’s monumental error. Retaining Russia’s might against the west, both then aiding Japan in the Pacific, could have changed the face of the world.

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What They Are Saying About What If...?


5+ Stars !

Multi-published historical writer, Kev Richardson, writes a ‘What If…’ tale of WWII, centered in Australia. Think about it. What would have happened had Adolf Hitler hadn’t decided to take on Russia? What if…Japan hadn’t been driven out of Australia? What if…America hadn’t joined the fray with their Atomic bomb that forced the Japanese surrender? As a world encompassing war…whose flag would we be saluting today if…victory had gone differently? This book is definitely a 5+ thought provoking read.

JoEllen Conger

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Richardson, in this fantastical historical, paints a clear picture of what could have happened to the world had Hitler not attacked Russia when he did, but continued having its manpower strength with him rather than against him.

In mid 1941, Britain was reeling with unreadiness to defend itself against invasion, he writes. As was the USA when Japan attacked it in December of that year, he hints. Nazi Germany was on a roll and had Hitler added the forces used against Russia, to those already active on his western front, nothing could have stopped him taking Britain. While Russia subdued the Middle East, Germany could well have then, aided Japan in its fight against the USA, saving Japan from being turned around.

Japan could well have then captured the entire Pacific as Germany had captured the entire continent of Europe. America alone could not have stopped that happening.

A brilliant expectation of how the war could have flowed, had Hitler not made that monumental error.

Libby Abbott,

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Meet  Kev Richardson

A retired journalist, Kev spent many years touring the world, writing travel articles for airline magazines. His many adventures and misadventures became the bases for his several Action/Adventure novels.

As a student of Australia’s founding as a convict settlement, Kev’s six novels on that unique history, including the demise of the Aboriginal Dreamtime, are now legendary. He is certainly well qualified to write these intensive histories and visions of people’s traumas and courage - Kev is a Past President of the First Fleet Fellowship, Past Secretary of The Descendants of Convicts Inc and for his work during Australia’s Bicentenary, was created Honorary Life Member of The Regiment of Redcoat Descendants.       

Several biographies of significant people also have come from Kev’s busy pen.

Two works have been finalists in the International EPIC Awards and all twenty novels have been awarded by professional reviewers, either 5 Stars or 5+ or 5++ Stars. His two latest, however, received from Conger Book Reviews USA, its first and only 10 Star reviews!!!

All works are available in Paperback or eBook.

Kev is twice married and now enjoys single life, writing on his experiences and studies, relaxing in the Himalayan foothills of exotic Thailand.


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