Yesterday’s Secrets
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Story begins with Janalou boarding a bus in Spartanburg, SC. She meets seven people and they form a friendship and stay together after they transfer to a different bus. That evening Janalou has an attack of appendicitis and is rushed to the hospital, then ends up traveling by car across the country with Kree to give her body and her facial bruises time to heal before she meets his family and starts to work with them.

When Janalou discovers her father/papa and stepmother have been arrested for her murder (even though no body was found--there was blood in the house), she feels compelled to return to Spartanburg. The next day at the court house she meets her real family, including her identical twin, and discovers she was kidnapped when she was four. Her twin tells/reminds her that for their last Christmas together they were given twin dolls, and dresses in their own size to match the dolls.


What They Are Saying About Yesterday’s Secrets

Yesterdays Secrets—A page turner…filled with surprising twists…sweet love’s fight to survive is told at its finest. Peg Parsons has done it again.

Nancy Damato




Meet Peggy P. Parsons

Stories have always lived inside Peggy’s head and she often falls asleep and/or wakes up thinking about  her characters. Her first full length novel was written while living in England after giving up her business career to join her husband who was seconded to the United Kingdom by his parent company. In the U.K. she served as both Treasurer and President of the American Women’s Club of London. Upon her return to the U.S., she realized the 750 page manuscript should have been three separate novels, however, she was already working on her fourth story by then. Her love of writing keeps her near her computer, however, she stays active by taking classes in tap, jazz, clogging, and marching with the Jazzy Poms in parades, plus she teaches baton twirling, and performs on stage with the Rhythm Tappers of SCW, Az twice a year. She has served as Secretary and President of the Rhythm Tappers and is currently their Treasurer. She’s also a member of RWA (Romance Writers of America) and belongs to two local chapters—Valley of the Sun and Desert Rose. Other favorite activities include spending time alone with her husband, plus their loved ones, traveling, and watching golf and football on TV. 


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