Megan Colombo

I was born on a snowy night in Quebec, Canada and lived in a small town of less than 500 people for the first year of my life. This inauspicious beginning was perfect fodder for the birth of a sometimes inconveniently vivid imagination. I say inconveniently, simply because of the extraordinary number of times I’ve had to hear my mother apologize for my constantly having my head in the clouds.

I started writing at the tender age of 7 in a little brown notebook that I’d received for my birthday. Since then, I’ve graduated from paper and pen to mouse and keyboard but never left behind the wild imagination that sparked it all.

Even in a much larger city, writing was something I still enjoyed thoroughly. Maybe even enjoyed more, now that I had a balcony from which I could observe a city, and not the farm I had previously lived on.

Standing Room Only is the first full-length novel I’ve written and one that sprung from me at the age of 14. It epitomizes why I love writing, and that’s the fun of molding an entire universe with which I can play.