McClure, Beverly Stowe

Most times you’ll find Award Winning Author Beverly Stowe McClure at her computer, typing words little voices whisper in her ear. When she’s not writing, she enjoys taking long walks and snapping pictures of birds, clouds, flowers and other wildlife. To relax, she plays the piano. Her fur babies don’t appreciate good music and hide when she tickles the ivories. Beverly has thirteen stories published for young readers and teens, with more to come.

Interview Beverly Stowe McClure


Robert James Allison

  1. What gave you the idea for the plot of Secrets I Have Kept?

A couple of things sparked the idea for this story. One was a magazine article I read about rain forest plants that are used to make medicines. Another was an item in the newspaper about a 1,288-year-old lotus seed that sprouted when planted. Scientists believe the seed must have a powerful genetic system to delay its aging process. I started thinking, What if a plant was discovered that would slow down, even reverse, the aging of man?

  1. Did you find Secrets I Have Kept a difficult book to write?

At first I had trouble getting the main characters together. Then I changed from the girl Jennifer's point of view and used alternating points of view, one chapter Jen's, the next Casey's. After that, they took over and told the story for me.

  1. Did you use any of your own life experiences in Secrets I Have Kept?

The only part that might relate to my life is the nice thought of a “real” drug that would keep people young. I also am awed by the progress scientists are making in medicine today.

  1. Do you write any other genres?

Yes. My recently published young adult novel, Listen To The Ghost, is a paranormal. I also write historical and contemporary fiction for middle grades and teens, as well as picture books and some nonfiction.

  1. What is your favorite scene from Secrets I Have Kept?

The scene in the barn where Jen and Casey tell each other their secrets.

  1. Who are some of your favorite authors?

Oooh! I have a lot. Adult authors: Dean Koontz, Diana Galbadon, Mary Higgins Clark, Nicholas Sparks, Margaret Mitchell. Children and teen authors: Sarah Dessen, Ron Koertge, S. L. Rottoman, Carl Hiassen, Mo Willems, and many others.

  1. How much research was necessary in order to write Secrets I Have Kept?

The only research I did was to read about ocean plants being experimented with for food, possible vaccines in food rather than taking a shot, and drugs made from herbs and plants.

  1. Do you outline stories in detail before you write them, or do you just write?

I sometimes do character sketches and jot down ideas of what might happen, but I do not outline. I enjoy the surprises along the way, so I just write. If the story isn't working, I go back to see why and where I lost it.

  1. How long have you been writing?

About fifteen years.

  1. Which of the characters in Secrets I Have Kept is your favorite?

Casey Christopher because, in spite of his past, he is a kind, considerate young man, determined to make something of his life.

  1. What is next for Beverly McClure?

Caves, Cannon, And Crinolines, my historical fiction novel for teens will be out in spring 2006, as an e-book, trade paperback in 2007. Also, the print edition of Rebel In Blue Jeans will be released in trade paperback sometimes in 2006. I'm working on a historical fiction story for middle-grade readers, based on my mother's life.(She was an Orphan Train rider.) And I have several stories searching for homes. You can read more about them at my Web site: