Barnes, Richard Whitten

Richard Whitten Barnes is a native Chicagoan, graduating as a chemist from Michigan State University. He is now retired from a career in international chemical sales and marketing, which has taken him all over the world. Barnes is a veteran of the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division and an avid sailor. He lives Charlotte, NC, but spends summers with his wife Marg and dog Sparty at their cottage on St. Joseph Island, Ontario, on the shores of Lake Huron.

Barnes writes in two genres, Mystery, and Historical Fiction.





The CORYDON SNOW won 2012 First Runner-up for Historical Fiction by the Military Writers Association of America

In the summer of 1943, the Liberty Ship SS Corydon C. Snow is ordered on a dangerous voyage to transfer 400,000 gallons of highly explosive aviation gasoline from Midway Atoll to Port Moresby, New Guinea. En route, it becomes clear that the ship is plagued with a cantankerous engine. These pressures educe the best and worst from the crew. Notable among them is Victor Brenz, a misfit who somehow seems to be in the center of one conflict after another.
On the other side of the Pacific a young student, Naoki Tamoro, is entering the Imperial Japanese Navy as a flight cadet. His training coincides with that of the 
Snow’s fifteen month cruise through the Southern Pacific until the two stories inevitably come together.

America has broken Japan’s “Purple” code, and a captured U.S. Navy officer knows it. Someone has to make sure the Japanese don’t find out. LUZON is an action packed novel of WWII, meticulously researched for the avid Historical fiction reader.

It’s 1941, and Riza Manceda, a beautiful American intelligence officer, needs someone to impersonate a Japanese officer for a dangerous mission to her homeland of the Philippines. Her search uncovers the ideal man in Daniel Suhiro, a first generation Nisei with perfect credentials for the job…but maybe not so perfect. The mission is to prevent the Japanese from discovering the Allies have broken their “unbreakable” Purple code. This secret could shorten – or lengthen – the war by years, and is known by an officer captured in Luzon. Riza and Daniel train to either rescue the officer or, if necessary, assassinate him. The compelling story of their harrowing venture meticulously comes to life as the pair becomes drawn closer to each other and then thrown headlong into incredible peril.

Two hundred years after the 1812 war a tragedy emerges from the Canadian soil. Detective Andrea Blake finds the mystery thrust upon her to untangle…Forgotten Roots.

It is 1801 when two lives begin a journey that will intersect thirteen years later at the explosive conclusion of America’s war with Britain.

A young bride sets out from Scotland to a Canadian fur trading outpost only to find her life entwined with an intriguing Voyageur. A runaway thug from the streets of Baltimore finds himself in the Ohio Militia, bound for a final showdown with the British in Northern Canada.

The tragic conclusion two hundred years in the past becomes a mystery for present day cop Andrea Blake to solve. History and passion are intertwined in Forgotten Roots.

MEDALLION is the story of two young lovers, and the treachery of WWII occupied Norway. A story you won’t forget.

Karin Hansen, a young American fresh from a summer of barnstorming and air shows in her uncle’s biplane, has joined the British Air Transport Auxiliary--a civilian service organized to free up pilots for the war effort.
She advances from single-engine trainers to sophisticated warplanes, delivering them from factories to strategic RAF airfields.
By chance, her path crosses with that of Arne Solberg, a young Norwegian commando in the employ of the Royal Family-in-exile, who has been charged with rescuing one of Norway’s most cherished treasures from being stolen back to Nazi Germany.

2016 Gold Medal Wnner
1916: Two young men from opposite sides of the Great War rush into an entanglement that will take a half century to unfold.​ ENEMIES is a story of bravery, cowardice, fear, heroism, and ultimately, humanity.ap Airfare For Last Minute Travel

It is November 11, 1968, fifty years to the day since the armistice of the Great War... The seventy-year-old German diplomat Jürgen Stern is in Ottawa, Canada on a special assignment. He rescues a portfolio mistakenly left behind in his hotel lobby by a man near his own age. Inside are drawings that are obviously from a soldier’s perspective of WW1. One of the sketches is so intriguing he is compelled to find this man and learn the truth about it.

As war rages in Flanders and Picardy, two young men enter the military a half world apart. The callow, inexperienced Jürgen Stern has been conscripted as part of Germany’s draft and torn from the arms of a girl he’d thought he could never have.